About The Patriot Newswire

The Patriot Newswire is a property owned and operated by The Liberty Group.  The Liberty Group also operates The Liberty Coalition website (TheLibertyCoalition.org), the Liberty Forum, a Business Directory and the Liberty Ad Network.

The Patriot Newswire is a website and a mobile phone app designed to deliver the latest news to your fingertips via RSS feeds. Even better we’ve broken down these feeds into categories so you can select the category that best suits your needs. You can choose to view just Patriot blogs, All News, Non-MSM news to name a few.

This service is almost entirely free – it is supported by advertisers who want your business. For the most part, we do not discriminate who advertises on the Patriot Newswire, though we may opt to decline certain inappropriate content. Be forewarned though, some of our feeds include content some may deem “NSW” or Not Safe for Work. We do not police content, however we do reserve the right to pull the plug if anyone decides to get to wild.

All of these work together to promote the blessings of liberty and to help promote publishers and purveyors of goods and services directly or indirectly relating to liberty. Of course by definition, this means just about anything… as long as it is legal.